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About us

Ecoïste has been created out of the need to live in the clean and friendly environment. Ecoïste is defined as the ecoïstic necessity to ecologically create beautiful and functional objects from unwanted items. We strongly believe that wasting large amounts of reusable materials decreases our quality of life. This belief has led us to create this socially and environmentally aware brand, a brand created from the heartfelt desire to make responsible choices. We believe with confidence that there are things which never become old-fashioned, with ecology being one of them. With this idea at the heart, the Ecoïste philosophy has been established.

All Ecoïste products are created from needless waste such as travel equipment, rain-coats, winter jackets, mountain clothing and rucksacks. Most of these are production waste. Despite being excluded from sale as not full-value goods, the materials they were made of maintain the same quality and durability as before. Thanks to the upcycling process, we have recovered the most valuable elements of the products, creating brand-new, unique items.

While upcycling our bags, rucksacks and accessories, we try to preserve the most of recyclable outdoor clothing in order to limit the carbon footprint. This process saves energy and makes the environmental production costs lower, but this increases the amount of work for our team as we dedicate more attention to each product and find the best way to upcycle it. We use pockets, fastenings and laminated elements of mountain clothing in order to ensure the best materials and to make our products as durable as possible.

The product quality and durability offered by Ecoïste is integral element of our green-thinking approach to life. We strongly believe that following fashion blindly and replacing clothing each season does not have positive impact on environment. ‘High street fashion’’ generates an unsustainable demand on the market, and this obsession with relentless consumption creates even more waste. We will have to deal with this for many years to come, and to avoid contributing to the waste crisis, Ecoïste puts quality and durability above everything else.

Our products from the UP line are characterized by unique design and are exceptionally durable. We manufactured them of the best quality materials, derived from unwanted outdoor clothes, and we strengthened them with a recycled climbing rope. This design allows carrying heavier weights without the fear of tearing off the bag’s handle or damaging its bottom. Our sewing department has expertise in specialized technical and climbing equipment, which ensures the best quality and durability possible. We are driven by the belief that you will fall in love with Ecoïste on first sight! Furthermore, we hope you will never get rid of your favourite Ecoïste product.

Our products are also characterised by their uniquity. The creation process and individual approach towards each design makes it extremely rare to find two identical Ecoïste  items. Each bag or a rucksack and even a wallet differ depending on the colour of the material and ropes that the products were made of. They are distinguished by pockets and fastenings also made of unique, recycled materials. Consequently, with Ecoïste , you will never have to worry about meeting somebody who owns an item identical to yours!

We have personally tested and verified the UP-product line. Each design follows the improvement cycle until we achieved the best-possible comfort and integrity. Our products have been tested in the mountains during long trails and short hikes. We took them to the vertical world of climbing and horizontal kingdom of family picnics. Ecoïste works well on the sandy beaches, as well as in a daily city rush. It looks good in every situation and can carry everything you need for your adventure.

Our priority is the highest functionality; however, we sometimes encounter some limitations within upcycled materials.


Legal Disclaimer

We regret to tell you that Ecoïste  accessories may be incapable of storing plastic, disposable bottles with fizzy drinks, candies wrapped in synthetic paper, chocolate bars containing palm oil or cosmetics tested on animals!

Ecoïste does not take responsibility for the bold, individual, tough character of their products!


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